General information
A Parada das Bestas is an old Galician farmhouse from the 18th century.  It is made up of three main buildings: a big house, the hayshed and the oven space. It also has two annexes, a Galician raised granary and one of the only existing examples of a grain separating barn (where the seed was separated from the stalks and husks) in Galicia. Years of work, countless efforts and a lot of love has meant that we can enjoy one of the best rustic establishments in Galicia. This is a magical place where time stops and one can lose oneself completely. This old house maintains its attraction without losing itself to modern technologies which has made it the perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. The house has two entrances, a main one which was the old horse and cart entrance, and the back entrance. Its thatched, four-sided pitched roof, its solid stone walls and original masonry, its doors, windows and original beams all combine to make sure a stay in this old farm house is very cosy. Its owners, María and Suso are a charming couple. She is an economist and excellent cook and he is a returned emigrant from Switzerland full of marvellous ideas. They bought the house in 1992. Hard and unforgettable beginnings when A Parada das Bestas, honouring its name, was only focused on organising horseback rides and providing food and beer  in what is today the grain separating barn.
It is made up of seven en-suite double rooms with central heating. Two of these rooms have Jacuzzi baths. If you are looking for privacy in A Parada das Bestas you have the option of staying in one of the four new apartments which are comfortably fitted out. These apartments (three double and one single) have bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen, a TV, central heating etc. The old hayshed is now where we can sample and enjoy the best food and wine. The ever-changing menu mixes the traditional with the most avant-garde touches. The wonderfully presented dishes are based on seasonal ingredients and the best Galician products: beef, Arzúa-Ulloa cheeses, organic dairy products, local capons and soon, vegetables from Suso’s kitchen garden. Alongside the terrace and the reading room, one can take a dip when it´s hot at A Parada das Bestas. Old and young alike can enjoy the two salt-water pools.
A Parada das Bestas is located in a unique place along the "French Way", only four minutes on foot from the centre of Pidre (Palas the Rei). The rural house is over three centuries old and set in an outstandind environment where visitors can enjoy a variety of pastimes. The host is based in either the main house, Villasante House or in one of the four rural apartments. All of the apartments are equipped with WIFI, televisions, wooden beamed ceilings, exposed stone walls, heating and there’s an outdoor swimming pool. In addition to relaxing, the traveller can recharge and enjoy the innovative gastronomy, with recipes based on traditional pilgrim dishes.