General information
The quiet and stately Cacheiro House is located in Silleda, in the middle of Galicia, scarcely 10 minutes from Santiago de Compostela.  This restored farmhouse, which combines tradition, modernity and quality is LOCATED near La Semana Verde exhibition center on the Via de la Plata Camino de Santiago, It is ideal for rent, the whole house or just  by rooms. It has 7 en-suite double rooms with TV and heating. The two large dining rooms are decorated with antique furniture, a typical Galician lareira (stone-oven fireplace). The large gardens, surrounded by peace and quietness, include native one-hundred-year-old trees.  The house has been awarded with the National Gold Award Posada 2002 Vips Radio Turismo 2003, the Prestige label Commitment to Quality Tourism (awarded by Rias Baixas  Tourism) and the Q for Quality Tourism. With an enviable natural environment, this house is surrounded by rivers, monasteries, towers, mountains, natural waterfalls, river beaches and vast green areas which allow visitors to enjoy rest days in Cacheiro House. Among them Toxa River Waterfall, Monasterio de Carboeiro, the Pazo de Oca, Carixa river beach, the Sanctuary of A Saleta or Silleda Exhibition Centre.
The establishment has specific architectural features integrated harmoniously with the architectural and natural environment of the area in which it is situated.
This establishment is an excellent base camp for exploring an area full of natural treasures and human works. Not to mention the city of Santiago de Compostela, we find the sacred mountain of Galicia long before: the Pico Sacro, whose summit hosts the shrine of San Sebastián and an unsurpassed fissure in the rock known as Rúa da Raíña Lupa. The caves –only accessible to specialists– and the remains of its fortress increase the value of the place. But we must also refer to the Toxa waterfall, a river that falls in a unique place from which starts a hiking trail leading to the monastery of Carboeiro in less than two hours.