General information
Comonacasa stems from the need of placing value on the local products and the products of our coasts, made in a traditional manner, integrating new processing techniques and flavours, and aiming that the client finds the balance between the new and the traditional. We are a young and motivated team, open to new experiences whilst not forgetting our origins.
Cafeteria: It has an extensive menu of tapas, cocktails, breakfasts, coffees, etc. One of the main spots of the Cafeteria is the children's area, where children can have fun, allowing their parents to have a good time too. Besides, it has an area of Delicatessen products where customers can buy cheeses, wines and Galician products of our own making. The cafeteria caters for 40 people plus 16 people on the terrace. Restaurant: In addition to the products offered in the cafeteria, which can also be tasted in the restaurant, it has an “a la carte” service consisting of a wide range of first courses, fishes, meats and desserts, and a wide variety of wines, champagnes and liquors. Its capacity is 57 people. Banquets Area: Any kind of event could be held here. It has capacity for 80 people.
  The Middle Ages, with the settlement of the monastic order of Císter in Oseira, was the beginning of the economic development of the region. The Temple of Veracruz, authentic symbol of the locality, designed by the architect Antonio Palacios, is a beautiful example of contemporary architecture. In it you can appreciate the harmonic fusion of Byzantine, pre-Romanesque, Romanesque and Gothic traces. Other points of interest are the “castreño” site of “San Cibrao de Las”, the “Pazo de los Quiroga” and “Pazo de Santa Baia de Banga”, jewel of the Romanesque, which houses beautiful polychrome wall paintings (dating back to the 16th century). One of the main tourist attractions of “O Carballiño” is the spa resort. The thermal waters, known since the Roman times, have two main references: the “Caldas de Partovia” and the “Gran Balneario”. Furthermore, the Arenteiro River has large leisure areas, such as the “Cuco” river beaches, the Fish Farm and the Municipal Park. The surroundings of the municipality have a high ecological and landscape value, with abundant areas of autochthonous forest. In the south of the municipal area it is still possible to contemplate the peculiar cultivation of its vineyards in terraces, where the appreciated Ribeiro wines are produced. Finally, in the neighboring municipality of San Cristovo de Cea is the extremely monumental composition of “Oseira Monastery” (dating back to the 12 century).