No difficulty


The hominids of the Domus await children and adults

No matter if it rains or not. In A Coruña there is always where to go, and if we are travelling with children, we must admit that having them all day in the Blue Coruña Hotel may result tiring.

Fortunately, relatively close to both, beyond the beaches of Riazor and Orzán, arises the Domus or House of Man, one of the Science Museums of A Coruña who made popular what they themselves called the ‘war cry’: ‘Forbidden not to touch.’

At the Domus several dozen experiments are offered: from distinguishing smells to seeing how far you come jumping; from throwing a ball in order to check which speed it reaches up to checking the power of the mind. And it is far to mention the scientific films designed for children but enjoyable to all family members.

By the way, try to evade the children requests to go upstairs and take a photo together before a group of hominids so realistic that will surprise you. Good luck…