1,75 horas
5,2 km


This route borders the southern coast of “Isla del Faro” island and allows you to enjoy the unbeatable views of the South Island. It is a route of 5.2 kilometres of low difficulty in which the traveller can enjoy, among others, “O Castro das Hortas”.
The route begins offering the traveller a fantastic view of the “Rodas” beach and the “Muxieiro” dune system, a dune complex of great importance both for its extension and for its state of preservation. The route continues crossing the dike over “Lago dos Nenos” lake that joins both islands. Once in the “Faro” Island, a few meters away, there is the Nature Interpretation Center (former “San Estevo” Monastery), from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of “Rodas” beach and of the “Monteagudo” Island looking to the north. From here, the path will lead us to the “Carracido” Dock, from where the path begins to ascend slightly bordering the south coast of the island until you reach “Faro da Porta”, where you can enjoy the stunning views of the “San Martiño” Island, the southernmost of the three islands. From “Faro da Porta”, looking towards the hillside of “Monte Faro”, you can see the remains of “O Castro das Hortas”, an old Celtic settlement which is the most important archaeological site found in the archipelago.