Finca Goleta is an excellent base camp when we think about travelling A Mariña, in the province of Lugo. But sometimes we don’t have time to travel long distances or we don’t feel like doing it, and we don’t want to drive more than ten or fifteen minutes. If that is the case, then we must take the road that heads to the east, towards Ribadeo. After taking the big curve to the right and leaving behind the estuary of Viveiro, we could take the turning on the left towards the beach of Esteiro, magnificent and with space enough to leave the car.

But to be fair, that beach shouldn’t be included in a catalogue of Secret Galicia, so take a look at it and go on rising just to find two enclaves that are not listed in the guidebooks.

The first one is 300 meters ahead, in the first group of houses. If the visitor looks left he will see that an embankment arises behind the buildings. Actually, they are the walls of a coastal castro (fortification) with a very rare plant: heptagonal. It hasn’t been excavated yet and it still contains many archaeological treasures that are non-monetary, needless to say. The view is excellent on both sides, with the cliffs dominating the landscape.

A hundred meters away, on the sharp curve, it is suggested to turn on the left and immediately to the right. It is not easy to get lost: there are only two detours and the visibility is very good.

From there we descend to the level of the waves. What will travellers find? A very open inlet with the peculiarity that there are no sand at its bottom, but stones, boulders of all sizes and even colours. It is true that people think it is a beach, but we should note that the sand does not appear until the tide is low. In any case, it is a beautiful spot from which we can enjoy the sunset. Its name? Muinelo.