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190 Km


This path recreates the trip that “Frai Martin Sarmiento” took from Pontevedra to Santiago in 1745 on the occasion of the Holy Year. He was a botany lover and a great defender of Galicia, who decided to make his way enjoying the tranquillity of the coast and the excellent views to the sea.

The route begins in Pontevedra and runs through the Councils of “Poio”, “Sanxenxo”, “O Grove”, “Meaño”, “Cambados”, “Vilanova de Arousa”, “A Illa de Arousa”, “Vilagarcía”, “Catoira”, “Valga” and “Pontecesures”, where it connects with the Portuguese way to Compostela. Along its way, you can spot remains of civil architecture like the “pazos” of “Cambados”, “Rubiáns”, “Ulloa”, “Torrado” and “Vista Real” or the seafaring districts of “Santo Tomé” in “Cambados” and “Vilaxoán” in “Vilagarcía de Arousa”. Historic vestiges as the archaeological sites of “A Lanzada” and religious architecture like “A Lanzada chapel” , the remains of “Santa María” church in “Cambados” and “Fefiñáns Square”- which is composed by a “pazo”, an arched bridge, “Torre del Homenaje” watchtower and “San Benito” church, being one of the most beautiful and admired architectural complexes in Galicia. It was formerly known as “Plaza del Mercado”, because it was there where the marked was held weekly.