3 hours
8 Km


Silleda Council, located virtually in the centre of Galicia, offers plenty of opportunities for nature and cultural tourism. Casa de Cacheiro is located in the middle of Deza County, surrounded by rivers, monasteries, towers, mountains, natural waterfalls, river beaches, etc. One of the main landmarks leads us to Carboeiro Monastery, located in Santa María parish, by the river Deza.

This Romanesque arquitectural work transitional to a late Gothic is one of the most characteristic monuments of Galician medieval art, influenced by Compostelan artistic manifestations, especially by the style which “Maestro Mateo” developed in the Cathedral of Santiago. From the monastery it starts a route that reaches a natural spot of exceptional beauty, river Toxa waterfall, with water falling from over 60 meters height amidst an Atlantic forest of great value for the variety of species it contains.

From Lamela, where Casa de Cacheiro is based, and following N-525 towards Santiago de Compostela, we can contemplate Ulla River with its lovely “pesqueiras”, which are constructions used for river fishing, mainly for lampreys. Finally, just 12 kilometres away, we can find “Pazo de Oca”. It is a noble building of baroque style, also known as the “Generalife of the North” or the “Galician Versailles”, due to the beauty of its gardens with a surface area of 8 hectares which can be visited all year round. From there, we can depart towards Boqueixón where you can go up Pico Sacro, a site of profound tradition and legends about the dawn of the Jacobean Way.