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In the XIX century, the residents of O Grove discovered the thermal and medicinal properties of the island’s waters, whose fame led to the construction of the spa, one of the most famous and veterans in Spain. Nowadays, the island holds all kinds of luxury facilities, such as a magnificent golf course next to the sea, the spa itself, luxury hotels, a marina, a casino, tennis courts, an Olympic size swimming pool, paddle tennis courts, a congress center, a place for pigeon shooting and archery, and the so-called ‘Aldea Comercial “, a commercial village which houses all kind of stores with branded products.

A Toxa island is a great place for walking or playing sports, it has several pine forests with old trees and, moreover, you can take a stroll on the seashore. The hermitage of the island is one of the places with the highest influx of tourists, it is located in front of a park, where street vendors are placed selling beadwork and jewelry made with small shells collected from the sand of the beach. The church has the peculiarity that its entire façade is full of shells, where it is very typical for people to stamp their signature. The interior of the chapel is very delightful. On the altar is the image of “Virgen del Carmen” (Our Lady of Carmel, patron saint of sailors) inside a large shell. Walking along the seafront of A Toxa, surrounding the island is an enjoyable panorama for your eyes. The green of the gardens and the white of the lamps that surround the island, as well as the beautiful bridge, are part of a set that invites to relaxation and a pleasure for the senses.

On the island, one of the most traditional soaps in Spain, named “A Toxa” as well, has been manufactured for many years, made with water from the island’s spring and rich in sodium, calcium, magnesium and other minerals. Currently, there is a museum in the restored building of the former cosmetics factory. The visit is very interesting for the museum pieces that it houses and, besides, it is a shop where several explanatory panels have been added on the history and the soap making process of the brand.