A perfect circle with the castle of Nogueirosa as a centre

The castle of Nogueirosa, commonly called “de Andrade” –in the current municipality of Pontedeume– was built in the late 14th century by Fernán Perez on the Leboreira crag, which was not a property of his, by the way. So the construction of the fortress was controversial from the very beginning; and it ended all up in litigation and the subsequent agreement with the rightful owner of that huge block of granite: the religious community of the monastery of Sobrado dos Monxes, in A Coruña.

From the top of the mountain, the castle of Nogueirosa invites you to stroll and offers a short circular route that begins right at the entrance to the fortress. A panel indicates that we must head right, rising by a wide road that quickly begins to descend and ends in another one. Then we should head left, surrounding a building that was perhaps the summer residence of the house of Andrade, –a post of observation and control of the coastal strip running from A Coruña to Ferrol.

We must remember this approach when the road stops going down at the kilometre 1.1 and becomes a mere ascending, narrow path with so much vegetation on both sides –the omnipresent, prehistoric ferns dominating the landscape– that we have to walk in single file: we should always surround the medieval building, whose high Tower of Homage is visible at times.

Is it possible to get lost? The answer is no, because if it is true that in a very particular place the doubt may arise about where to go, those confusing tracks always end in some meadow a dozen meters ahead.

And so, within half an hour after the departure, a beautiful ‘corredoira’ (dirt track) heads uphill and the walker reaches the asphalt. It is the road leading to the castle of Nogueirosa, that we can see well on the left.

It only remains to get to the car and descend the mountain. In the middle of the first bend to the right we must take a narrow asphalted track. Down in Esteiro, one kilometre away from Pontedeume, A Cantina do Río Covés, –an ideal restaurant to regain strength–, opens its doors. The ‘Costrada’ is its most famous dish.