1,25 horas
3 km


This route passes entirely through”Monteagudo” Island along a wooded area which allows to walk in the shadow most of the way. With a length of only 3.5 kilometres, it is the shortest route and allows you to enjoy, from “Alto do Príncipe”, the wonderful views and the contrast of the two slopes of the island. Moreover, during your tour you can find other points of great interest such as “Figueira Muxieiro” dune complex, the remains of the Old “Cuncheiro” or the unique rock formation of “Silla de la Reina”.

In its first few meters the Route “Alto do Príncipe” allows you to enjoy a fantastic view of the “Rodas” beach and then it surrounds the Dune Complex of “Figueiras – Muxieiro”, where you can see a representation of the typical species of these fragile ecosystems. The footpath continues ascending through the vicinity of “Figueiras” Beach and then the path continues winding until, after a short descent, it opens to discover part of the spectacular landscape of cliffs and beaches that can be seen in its maximum splendour a few more meters ahead, from “Alto do Príncipe”. The spectacular panoramic views from this site allows you to appreciate the contrast between the two slopes of the island, the softer east face and the much steeper west face. The final section of the route runs along a path between rocks modelled by wind and water until we reach the famous “Silla de la Reina”, a capricious rock formation resulting from the tremendous erosive action that constitutes one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the islands.