1 hour
3 Km


To town of Ourense owns one of the two best-preserved and most accessible historical precincts in Galicia. To discover the enclosure is always an experience, apart from the trail that we choose. One of that routes throw the town History starts in Posío Garden, an urban park that in its origine was a botanic garden created in the middle of the XIX century, that was once home to 200 different plant species. A little further ahead you will arrive to Saint Trindade Church, which was built between the 12nd and 13th centuries, one of the oldest of the town. It stands out in it its big entrance door to the Trindade Square, which series of images show the History do temple, an old pilgrims’ hospital.

From this place, we will find the Ferrería Square, that is a crossroads more than a square, which name cames from a trade fair of agricultural gear and traditional tools, trinket and potery held in it for centuries. Here ends Santo Domingo Street, with a vibrant and commercial life, and begins the par excellence zone for aperitifs, tapas and food in Ourense. A must visit place for the people is the thermal springs ‘As Burgas’, directly linked to the town from the begginig, Aquis Aurienses («water of gold»), a Roman settlement around this mineral and medicinal waters that continues to spring up to 60 degrees Celsius in the heart of the Historical Centre. The trip on foot ends at Praza Maior, in the middle of the town, meeting point in Ourense. In this large and bright square with arcades there are some of the main monuments of the village, as the Town Ville and the old Episcopalian Palace.