4 hours
60 Km


The Mariña Lucense possesses a unique landscape quality in Galicia which makes it one of its main destinations for nature lovers. Along the route that we propose, over 60 kilometres in length, we first stop at Ribadeo, where you can visit the old town, very rich in architectural heritage with ‘pazos’ and big country houses, especially the so-called Torre de los Morenos, built in 1905. Certainly, ‘Praia das Catedrais’ (beach of the cathedrals), taking the N-634 road towards Foz, is a wonderful sample of natural architecture, with a group of arches, stacks and passages created by the action of the sea against the headland rocks. Upon arrival to Foz, we’ll see a town where beaches and mountains melt together. Its architectural heritage includes the outstanding San Martiño basílica, with a 12th century facade. By taking the N-634 road, we leave Foz inland-wards to arrive at Lourenzá (a stop for the pilgrims on their “Way to Santiago” following the northern route), to return to the coast by Burela and Cervo, where we’ll find the historic factory of Sargadelos, where the most popular and easily recognizable pottery of all Galician crafts is manufactured. A tour of the facilities is allowed (and advised) and the factory has a large exhibition hall and ceramic shopping area. Finally, we continue to Viveiro, with a remarkable natural and architectural beauty, as witnessed by the church and monastery of San Francisco, declared a Historic-Artistic Site.