1 hour
3 km


Located in Palas de Rei Council (Lugo), in the high young stretch of “Ulla” River, just where it joins “Pambre” River. In order to reach and enjoy “Macara’s” path and stream, we can go to Pambre Castle and follow the road LU-4008 to Ramil (and Melide) and then, down the hill, less that 2 km away from the Castle, before crossing a bridge over the river, we will see a path on the left hand side with an indication to “Mácara Streams”. We can take that path (we can reach it by car), and after some 100-200 metres, we reach a grove. Once there we have to take the path on the left that will take us to the trail along the river. The trail is neither flat, nor straight and we have to walk up the rocks and avoid trees, but it is not dangerous and it is perfectly adapted, even with wooden steps. You must avoid- mind you- bikes or pushchairs, as they would make it impossible to arrive there. We start from the path and soon we will reach a beautiful area with a waterfall and a small lagoon or pond where we can enjoy the views. If we remain silent, we can even contemplate the wildlife of the area.