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Bido Restaurant is the new premises of chef Juan M. Crujeiras. Located in the center of A Coruña, its philosophy is the "serious and close cuisine based on the product and the flavor". The space is spacious, high, bright and welcoming, with two large windows with natural light, where the most noble materials play a fundamental role. It highlights the lighting and design furniture, leather, wood, marble, white, golden and black tones, which transmit order and serenity. In this new project, Juan M. Crujeiras bets on a team that understands the "philosophy" of the new project. In this way, it presents a gastronomic offer in which the customer has several options. The Galician cuisine presents a different format, where the dishes are short portions, so that the diner can form their small menu or taste several dishes without ever losing the identity of the place where they cook and their products. Another attraction of Bido is the opportunity to know different wines, which are not usually found in the market, and to be able to taste them by glass, without having to ask for a full bottle. All in all, Bido offers a concept almost as open as the space in which it is located: you can sit at the bar or at a high table for cocktails, sit down to eat or to dine at a table and get carried away.
In Coruña, Bido Restaurant overlooks the sea that since immemorial times has been forging the spirit of the town. A marriage that gives the breeze of a seafaring story at each of its tables. Juan Crujeiras is in charge of the bar, offering audacious culinary proposals with the best Galician quality products and a selected winery where you can find the ideal wine for every plate.