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The Yacht Club of Portonovo is the first marina that is located on the Ría de Pontevedra, open to the extraordinary landscape of this Ria.
It has extensive services for the navigator and the "Q" Quality Certifications, Blue Flag, EMAS and ISO14001. It has sailor year-round, school of nautical activities, with sailing, diving, canoeing and jet skis, etc. And it has moorings of 6 to 20 meters in length.
Portonovo is a tourist and summer area of ​​great importance. In its surroundings we can enjoy beautiful beaches such as Silgar, Baltar, Caneliñas, Montalvo, Foxos or A Lanzada. The civil and religious architectural complexes of Adina, Nantes, Padriñán, Bordóns and Gondar are of interest. Paleolithic archaeological remains abound in this municipality, such as the Randulfe Achelense mask and a series of mamoas that go from Punta de Montalvo to Noalla Lighthouse.