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Galipizza is a registered and patented artisanal pizza brand, but also a restaurant chain that was born in Covas-Viveiro in 1993 and also has stores in Ribadeo, Culleredo, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and A Coruña. An innovative line of pizzas that mixes new flavors and products, all of them of first quality and that are unusually used in the making of pizza, replacing the classic mozzarella with the flavor of Galician cheeses, fusing it with traditional Galician food and demonstrating that our products are rich in any of the varieties in which they are presented. «THE PLACE WHERE IT STARTED EVERY 26 YEARS OLD ...» The Galipizza Universe that we know today began with a "Big Bang" that happened on San Juan de 1993 near Covas Beach (Viveiro). GALIPIZZA COVAS-VIVEIRO is the flagship of our company, the original place in which in 2018 we celebrate our Silver Weddings. That colorful old-fashioned "Pizzbur" gave way to an American-style brewery, complete with wood, brick, beer barrels, vintage details and antique pieces.
It is the first of our premises and here we recommend the last of our creations: the "Galipizza Terra & Mar" with the same ingredients of the award-winning “Author's sandwich”. And speaking of delicatessen ... our "Galipizza de Pescada do Pincho de Celeiro" is also impressive (you can only taste it every year during the Merluza de Celeiro Festival!)
To come to Galipizza is to come to Covas Beach, the immense sandy beach that bathes the coast of our town and also almost to the door of our premises. You can also take a trip to the Fuciño do Porco, in O Vicedo, a zigzagging coastal path between the beaches of A Abrela and San Román.