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Galipizza is a registered and patented artisanal pizza brand, but also a restaurant chain that was born in Covas-Viveiro in 1993 and also has stores in Ribadeo, Culleredo, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and A Coruña. An innovative line of pizzas that mixes new flavors and products, all of them of first quality and that are unusually used in the making of pizza, replacing the classic mozzarella with the flavor of Galician cheeses, fusing it with traditional Galician food and demonstrating that our products are rich in any of the varieties in which they are presented. «THE PLACE WHERE THE GALIPIZAS WERE BORN» GALIPIZZA RIBADEO (June 1996) will go down in history because here, in March 2007, the first Galipizza in our history was cooked. It wasn't really a pizza, but a bread of corn bread stuffed with radish, turnips and St. Simon's cheese. They were the "Bocadiños de Broa" with which we participated that year in the "Ribadeo de Tapeo" tapas competition. The reception of the audience was so good that shortly after we launched the first (of many) "Galipizza de Raxo e Grelos" already with the criteria that we still have 22 years later: using Galician cheese instead of mozarella.
GALIPIZZA RIBADEO is the Temple of the Galipizza because the first versions were created here ... so we could recommend the genuine "Galipizza de Raxo and Grelos", which was the first one created ... but we can not fail to mention the CACHOPIZZA "Galipizza de Cachopo "(created in December 2014 as a tribute to the rich cuisine of our Asturian residents) or of course the" Galipizza As Cathedrals "created with seaweed in honor of the famous areal.
And since you are visiting Ribadeo ... a must stop is the Beach of Cathedrals, one of the best beaches in the world, very close to here!