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Meson A Cepa, located in O Burgo (Culleredo, A Coruña) is a family inn that has offered a variety of the most typical plates and tastiest regional wines for more than 30 years.

After a big restoration and expansion of the restaurant, Meson A Cepa evolved to get the best combination of traditional cuisine and fast and quality service, always integrated into a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The place is a pleasant mixture of spaces. On the one hand, an area of rustic tables, made from a centenary oak; and secondly, the restaurant continues with a more modern and comfortable dining room.

Nowadays, and with the next generation in the management, it has a complete team of professionals to grow and evolve in the development of new plates and tapas, without sacrificing its essence, and with the only objective to please and satisfy all customers.

The small group of houses surrounding this restaurant has already been absorbed by the urban expansion of O Burgo, but it is originally linked to the nearby bridge that is said to be Roman, as it often happens in Galicia. The fact that such statement is not historically true does not detract from being a building from the 12th-13th centuries. It was rebuilt in 1992 after being partially demolished in the 16th century by the pirate Francis Drake; and in the 19th century, by the British trying to escape from the French during the war of Independence. The bottom of the estuary defines the landscape.