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O Curro da Parra is a restaurant at the heart of Santiago, close to the Santiago de Compostela marketplace, where the chef is committed to a Galician rooted market creative cuisine.

The restaurant is a charming intimate corner where you can feel the rest of the authentic flavors while boiling in the stoves.

It has a wine cellar with more than 80 references specialized in Galician wines that include samples of all Galician certificates of origin and wine subareas. O Curro da Parra is the perfect place to enjoy a wide variety of wines that renovates and also assimilates new and fun wines. Clients also have the possibility of tasting O Curro da Parra own wine: Sixty Five.

Everything has been said when we say that it is at the historic centre of Santiago, known as the “almond”, even though all the city is central, really. In other words, this restaurant opens its doors to continue an ancient tradition of Compostela: to feed the pilgrims, who since the last decade of the twentieth century have been accompanied by floods of tourists. Customers and gastronomy have changed since medieval times, but not the quality of products in Santiago. Being next to the food market becomes a point in its favour. Not for the convenience of the owners —that's their business— but because that market is, after the cathedral, the meeting point for visitors. To digest one's food, half joking and half serious, what better than getting around the limit of the old walls of the city, that are just a stone's throw away.
O Curro da Parra