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A Mirandilla is a restaurant with more than 10 years of history, located in Rinlo (Ribadeo). It combines the commitment to a wide and simple variety of fish and seafood with meat and innovative desserts. The restaurant management team has an extensive knowledge of the seafood products, since it belongs to a fishermen family with a shellfish farm in this small town. Futhermore, the restaurant have a wide cellar with wines from over more than 70 Spanish brands, with a care selection of Galician wines. They contribute to a prefect combination with fish and meat on the menu.
The village of Rinlo challenges the Cantabrian sea covered by a small inlet that the typical Galician irony qualifies as “the smallest estuary of Galicia”. The oral tradition indicates that in the past its inhabitants were devoted to whaling, something very usual in the coast of Lugo. The shore to the East, –with Ribadeo at sight after visiting the lighthouse of A Pancha– or to the West –with the crowded beach of As Catedrais– is magnificent, rugged, beautiful and unique.