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The Cantina Río Covés is located at the end of the promenade of the medieval village of Pontedeume (A Coruña) and its pillars rests on an old dock at the estuary of the River Covés. It is a nececesary way to the Fragas do Eume national park to and the monasteries of Caaveiro and Monfero.

The Cantina Río Covés has shown throughout the years a special care and dedication to the preservation of their immediate environment by planting native trees such as boxwood, laurel, oak, chestnut trees and willows.

The family house was built on the old dock that, for 50 years, worked as shop, canteen and salt warehouse. Nowadays, restored as a restaurant, it offers a cuisine that uses the sea as inspiration.

The river promenade starts from the very restaurant and it accompanies the river Eume in its last meters towards the heart of Pontedeume. Opposite the establishment, there is a narrow upward road that after three kilometres leads to the castle of Nogueirosa or Andrade. The interpretation centre of the Natural Park Fragas do Eume is eight minutes' drive from it (pay attention to the church of Ombre, halfway).
Restaurante Cantina Río Covés